The Team



Cliff Boyle holds the majority stake in ShazzleMail, a technology company that recently received U.S. Patent 12/176,747 for software architecture that harnesses peer-to-peer networking to facilitate data transfer in secure and private communication. He is also listed as Co-Inventor on two additional ShazzleMail patents. Cliff also has successfully founded and currently owns and runs landmark senior living in senior care, as well as businesses in real estate development, banking software, and insurance marketing.


Product Development

Bob McGill is the VP, Product Development of ShazzleMail and co-owner of Jaccomo Inc., a leading provider of patented frontline sales and back office software solutions. Jaccomo serves a range of clients from mid-market financial services companies to global clients such as American Express. For American Express, Jaccomo is applying its proprietary big data aggregation module to automate credit, fraud, and compliance operations. He is a Co-Inventor on U.S. Patent 12/176,747 (see Boyle for description), Co-Inventor on two additional ShazzleMail patents and is a participating inventor on Intelligent Client Architecture #7,536,421. Prior to ShazzleMail and Jaccomo, Bob worked as a consultant for seventeen years at Accenture.


Marketing Director/Manager

Susha Perminova runs marketing from Shazzle’s Scottsdale, AZ office, while at the same time she utilizes her native Russian language skills as the project manager for Shazzle’s Ukrainian and central Asian production offices. She is responsible for all brand awareness, e-mail marketing, corporate and virtual events and demand generation efforts for Shazzle LLC. She is an expert in media planning, brand development strategy and execution. She is an ASU, W. P. Carey graduate with extensive knowledge in marketing, advertising and branding.