Hillary’s IT Guy Who Deleted Clinton Emails Asked Reddit Advice on How to Delete Emails

Paul Combetta is an employee of Platte River Networks, and he became a household name when he was granted immunity in exchange for his testimony regarding the Clinton emails — which were stored on servers maintained by Platte River Networks.
And now Reddit users are coming forward with archived information that suggests Combetta may have needed that immunity..
A US News report connects Paul Combetta — though not conclusively — with the Reddit username “Stonetear”:
“The evidence connecting Combetta to the account is circumstantial, but also voluminous. The inactive website combetta.com is registered to the email address stonetear@gmail.com, a search of domain registration information using the service whois.com indicates. An account for a person named Paul Combetta on the web bazaar Etsy also has the username stonetear.”
They also reported that several Reddit threads started by Stonetear lined up with the Clinton email cover-up in both content and timing.
For example, an FBI report notes that the House Select Committee on Benghazi called for Clinton to produce her emails on July 23, 2014..
Then, in December of 2014, Clinton aide Cheryl Mills submitted a request asking that the email retention policy be shortened to a 60-day window.
The New York Post also reported on that sequence of events:
“Mills had asked Platte River in December 2014 to change its ¬email retention policy for Clinton to just 60 days, according to the FBI report. Later the firm would be ordered to start purging emails after only 30 days.
The report notes that an unnamed Platte River employee — later identified in news reports as Combetta — forgot to make the change until having an ‘oh, s- -t’ moment at the end of March 2015. He then deleted the archive of Clinton emails and scrubbed them from the server, the FBI said.”
As the connection was made between Stonetear and the Clinton email scandal, other Reddit users noticed that the Stonetear threads were being deleted. They archived everything they could — and captured the threads being deleted in real time:
Combetta was called to testify before Congress last week and invoked his 5th Amendment right to refuse. Kent Eichner, a lawyer representing Platte River Networks, did not deny Combetta’s connection but said that there would be no statement forthcoming from the company.

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