ShazzleMail is a free private email application that turns your smart phone into a mail server, delivering your messages directly to your receiver via an SSL encrypted channel with no server copies. ShazzleMail allows you to send private email to anyone on your contacts list. No password required. It works with iOS and Android devices AND on a PC or Mac laptop/desktop, but in order for it to work on your PC device your phone has to be turned on and connected to Internet at all times. Your phone serves as your own server, delivering mail directly from your mobile device.

ShazzleMail Pro is a business version of ShazzleMail that starts as low as $7.00/month. You don’t have to rely on your mobile device and Internet connectivity. It allows you to send secure, end-to-end encrypted business emails to anyone on your contacts list. With ShazzleMail Pro your emails are encrypted and kept on our server. We do not have the key to open your in-network email even while it is on our server. We cannot read or data mine the information in your email. Your data is your data, protected and secure.

Send secure to clients and contacts frustrated by password protected mail. Our patented method delivers security while still as simple to use as non-secure mail

If you are experiencing any technical problems with your ShazzleMail Pro account, feel free to contact us at support@shazzle.com

Generating key means user generates private key which will be used for end-to-end encryption. Third parties can’t read his emails because they will be encrypted.